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Dear Travelers,

The Government of Saudi Arabia have clarified their announcement, at the moment Umrah is closed for all visitors. This means that those with Tourist Visas may enter Saudi Arabia and go to the Prophet’s mosque in Medinah, however they will be denied access to the Kabaa and their hotel in Mekkah.

Please Note:

This situation is temporary and developments are ongoing. We fully expect Umrah to resume in a very short period of time.

What This Means:

If you are traveling to Saudi Arabia for Umrah with a Tourist visa and still wish to go, you run a high risk of not being allowed into Mekkah and performing your Umrah. Anyone who is supposed to travel to Saudi Arabia for Umrah, while the roads are still closed, should cancel their booking.

We Advise:

For those that wish to travel but want to know the likelihood of the roads opening, this is our assesement.

* If you are traveling from February 28 – March 4 you should cancel your booking immediately as it is very unlikely you will be able to perform your Umrah.

* If you are traveling from March 5 – March 10 It is ok to wait util Monday March 2, 2020 before cancelling. There is a possibility that the roads will re open and people will be allowed to perform Umrah. Otherwise they should also cancel.

* Those Traveling after March 10, if possible, should wait for further updates from our team. It is very likely that the umrah ban will be lifted by then and roads will be open.

In Conclusion

While, those with Tourist Visas may enter Saudi Arabia, they run a strong risk of not being able to perform Umrah and should attempt to do so at their own risk. These are the facts on the ground at the moment, as they develop we will post updates

Thank you for your patience, if you have any further questions please reach out to your local Adam Travel Agent.

Adam Travel Team