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We would like to thank everyone for their patience while we navigate the current situation.

As of right now, Hajj Companies from the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe have not been authorized for any official involvement in Hajj 2023. The current system has been designed as B2C. We are allowed to be tour guides for the pre selected programs that will be made available on Nusuk.

However, we are not authorized to direct people to programs, create programs or do anything beyond leading groups upon their arrival.

We have all been waiting for authorization from the KSA government to allow hajj companies to engage in a joint venture with local KSA travel companies. In anticipation, we have been registering our pilgrims and collecting deposits. We wanted to create programs and steer you to them.

However, the Hajj Ministry has not approved of this venture for any Hajj company from the above-mentioned countries.

We have no interest in any unauthorized partnerships, this would be in violation of the Hajj Ministry’s explicit directive. We cannot guarantee program availability and will be very limited in our ability to guide you on your journey.

In short, this system was designed for B2C and any attempts by us to circumvent the current policy will not result in an improved experience for the pilgrim.

Therefore, as we have stated all along, without a clear path forward that gives us the official capacity to truly help the pilgrims, we cannot get involved.

For those who want to perform Hajj this year. You can purchase any of the programs offered at hajj.nusuk.sa However, Adam Travel cannot be involved in or take any responsibility for the platform or any of the products offered.

For those that wish to keep their deposits with us and continue to wait, we must advise you that it is unlikely the current situation will change this year.

However, should any changes happen, we will be more than happy to guide you through this journey as we have done in the past.Otherwise, we will wait until next year iA.

In the meantime, we will continue to focus on providing high-quality tours all over the world, with a renewed focus on the KSA.

We will continue to coordinate Umrah programs, In addition, we are creating packages that will explore the rest of the KSA, as it is undergoing fascinating development at a historic pace.

For those who wish to continue to register with us, please fill out this form.

Thank you!

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